OTTs: Threat or opportunity for African telcos?

Presented by Dr. Christoph Stork at the ITS Conference in Ghana in 2017:

Download it here:

Key points:
  • Mobile broadband (2.5G and 3G) and declining smart phone prices have lead to a rapid increase in Internet use
  • Computer based Internet access – is a privilege of the few in Africa (formal jobs or Internet Cafe)



Zero rated OTTs can be used to gain market share for new entrants or defend market share against new entrants

Declining voice revenues can be combated with increasing data revenues

  • or non-telco OTTs like mobile money
  • jury is still out on video and music

Providing prepaid products that resemble flat rate pricing is a successful strategy to retain revenues
An access only model would reduce expenses for billing and branding thus retaining profitability with declining revenues
New business model for MNOs
Ghana 4G data only providers are there already