Steve Esselaar2Steve Esselaar, Partner

Steve is an ICT ecosystem and regulatory expert with a focus on how to connect everyone to digital services. Steve has designed innovative business models for mobile application developers and mobile operators and helped regulators across Africa to determine Universal Access and Service gaps to guide infrastructure investment through GIS modelling. The Universal Service and Access projects Steve managed or let resulted in millions of dollars in subsidies to areas that were perceived to be economically unviable. His employment record straddles academia (WITS university, South Africa), public sector (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa – ICASA) and the private sector (Intelecon Research and Research ICT Solutions).


Christoph webDr. Christoph Stork, Partner

Christoph is a telecommunication expert that specialises in applied, innovative solutions to connect everyone to the Internet and e-services. Dr. Stork designed and managed nationally representative Household ICT surveys across up to 18 African countries simultaneously for Research ICT Africa and developed innovate methodology to survey informal business in a way that delivers nationally insights. He developed a regulatory portal that transforms data submitted by operators into actionable information and an ICT ecosystem benchmarking tool that allows an analyst to benchmark affordability, access, usage, infrastructure and competition against another country, or set of countries. Dr Stork helped to transform the Namibian ICT sector. He was instrumental in the establishment of Namibia’s new regulatory authority, CRAN, resolved a termination rate dispute that lead to a 70% reduction in mobile termination rates over 18 months and developed a price cap regulation to remove club effects. His innovative research methodologies and solutions have become a reference point for national governments, multilateral agencies and donor organisations.


Andrew Dymond, Senior Consultant

Andy is a senior telecommunications market strategist possessing qualifications as both an engineer and post-graduate economist. Andy is the founder and former Managing Director of Intelecon Research and Consultancy Limited (Intelecon). He brings a wealth of technical, economic and strategic commercial modelling skills to his assignments, as well as in-depth knowledge of rural Africa. Andy has assisted sixteen countries to study, start-up or roll-out universal access strategies and universal service funds, such as the Nigerian USPF. These countries include Nigeria (2003-2006); Burkina Faso; Kenya (currently involved in a Gap Study and project roll-outs); Tanzania; Uganda; Malawi; Mozambique; Botswana and several countries in Asia and Latin America.

Because of this experience and being involved in strategic trend setting studies for rural telecommunications, Andy is a specialist in GSM and broadband gap analysis, commercial and rural network viability analysis, colocation economics, and low income and small population network commercialisation. He advises regulators, development banks and operators on the limits and unique opportunities in the rural market place. After leading his company, Intelecon, into a leading global position in the area of universal access policy and universal service funding, Andy joined Research ICT Solutions Ltd. in 2014, as an Associate.