Meet our team

Steve Esselaar2Steve Esselaar, Partner

Steve is a Senior Technology Specialist and has been immersed in the wireless, telecommunications and media sectors more than 10 years, managing multi-country, multi-disciplinary projects. His current area of focus is on the mobile ecosystem and its services, apps, content and regulations. Steve is a partner in Research ICT Solutions, a boutique consulting firm based in Vancouver and Cape Town. Steve has consulted to several multi-lateral agencies, such as the World Bank, the IFC and USAID as well as private and public corporations, country regulators and government ministries.

Along with his consulting work, Steve is a Research ICT Africa (RIA) Fellow. RIA is a public-interest think-tank based in South Africa and its objective is to provide decision-relevant information to policy-makers and regulators on the African continent.

Steve started his ICT career at the LINK Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, working on ICT policy and regulatory frameworks. He left LINK to join the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, as an advisor to Council, focusing on competition policy. As part of the competition policy remit, he worked on regulatory account, interconnection and facilities leasing, cost of capital and market definitions. In 2008, he joined Intelecon Research & Consultancy Ltd. based in Vancouver as Principal Telecommunications Consultant. He worked on projects on mobile applications, mobile money, eGovernment and universal access and service. He left in 2013 to start Research ICT Solutions with Dr. Christoph Stork.

Christoph webDr. Christoph Stork, Partner

Christoph Stork is a Partner at Research ICT Solutions. He holds a PhD in financial economics from London Guildhall University, UK, a Diplom Kaufmann (MA) from the University of Paderborn, Germany, and a BA Economics from the Nottingham Trent University, UK. He has more than 14 years research experience in Africa and has led continent wide household and small business surveys, providing the only multi- country demand side data and analysis of ICT access and usage on the continent, for use by regulators, policy makers and multilateral agencies such as the OECD and the ITU. His research has informed policies, laws and regulations in the ICT field, specifically in Namibia where he has provided technical advice to the regulator and Namibian Government on ICT policy and regulation, including a ground breaking benchmarking study on interconnection termination rates.

Along with his consulting work, Christoph is a Senior Research Fellow at Research ICT Africa and LIRNEAsia. Resreach ICT Africa and LIRNEAsia are a public-interest think-tanks based in South Africa and Sri Lanka with the objective to provide decision-relevant information to policy-makers and regulators on the African and Asian continent.

Andrew Dymond, Senior Consultant

Andy is a senior telecommunications market strategist possessing qualifications as both an engineer and post-graduate economist. Andy is the founder and former Managing Director of Intelecon Research and Consultancy Limited (Intelecon). He brings a wealth of technical, economic and strategic commercial modelling skills to his assignments, as well as in-depth knowledge of rural Africa. Andy has assisted sixteen countries to study, start-up or roll-out universal access strategies and universal service funds, such as the Nigerian USPF. These countries include Nigeria (2003-2006); Burkina Faso; Kenya (currently involved in a Gap Study and project roll-outs); Tanzania; Uganda; Malawi; Mozambique; Botswana and several countries in Asia and Latin America.

Because of this experience and being involved in strategic trend setting studies for rural telecommunications, Andy is a specialist in GSM and broadband gap analysis, commercial and rural network viability analysis, colocation economics, and low income and small population network commercialisation. He advises regulators, development banks and operators on the limits and unique opportunities in the rural market place. After leading his company, Intelecon, into a leading global position in the area of universal access policy and universal service funding, Andy joined Research ICT Solutions Ltd. in 2014, as an Associate.